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Paintings, drawings and photomontages

Contemporary paintings, drawings and photomontages are available for sale at :

peinture,art contemporain

Painting with ultramarine blue . Made in 2020, on an old background dated 2009 .

Buy Original Paintings Online, contemporary art, paintings for sale


Painting on paper made in 2001, size 24 x 32 cm .

Paper prints are available at :

Contemporary art, paintings for sale, Buy Original Paintings Online

I feel better !

To use or not to use words in contemporary painting .

Painting done in 2019, on an old mailing envelope . Size 24 x 32 cm .

Painting with words, contemporary art, using words in painting

Contemporary Art for sale, paintings

Contemporary paintings, drawings and original artworks are for sale on this website .

Painting on paper, 50 x 50 cm . For sale without frame .

Modern Paintings, Buy Original Paintings Online, canvas wall art, abstract art, contemporary art

Yes, it’s Ok ! Painting .

A painting made in 2018, oil and encaustic on polystyrene. 41 x 41 x 3 cm .

Printouts are available at :

Contemporary art, painting with words, paper prints .

Painted matches / 2 .

Monochrome and colorful matches .

Paper prints are available at :

Purple and black matches, modern art, minimalism .

Deep painting .

Abstract painting on paper , 24 x 32 cm . Available for sale . Price : 350 € .

On sale on this website, and also at :

Abstract painting , Contemporary artist .

Drawing on paper

Made with pencil only …

For sale on :


Buy Art / Paintings

Contemporary paintings, drawings and more … Buy original art posters, art prints and artist photomontages .

Original paintings on canvas, artist drawings on paper and photomontages are available on this website . Leave a message just here below, thank you .

This photomontage is available at :

Prices start at 36 euros .

Contemporary art, paintings, drawings and photomontages .

Posters Art Contemporain

Paper prints of this photomontage are available at :

« Yellow shoes on a blue background ». Prints in three sizes on fine art paper . Prices start at 38 euros .

Original artworks, paintings, drawings and photomontages are for sale on this website

Contemporary art, Posters

 » Grey shoes « , Photomontage .

Paper Prints are available on :

Paper prints, grey shoes, photo, colors, black and white.
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